BioRx Healthcare Mobile App

Mobile App Helps Patients with Bleeding Disorders Thrive

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Help patients conveniently track and share health updates and data


MyFactor enables hemophilia patients to record bleeding episodes and treatments to facilitate the sharing of information with their healthcare team.

  • Secured cloud-based storage
  • Integrated with EHR platform
  • Automated reports for patients and healthcare teams
  • Integration with CPR+, a home infusion software for service providers


Red Hawk’s development of the healthcare mobile app MyFactor allows patients to stay on track with their treatments and easily share information with their health care team. The most significant features enabled: 

  • Logging of factor infusions using a wizard interface and recording related product lot numbers by using the device keypad, scanning a barcode or taking a photo.
  • Viewing and sharing reports of infusion and bleed history by date range, keyword or event type.
  • Setting up push notification reminders to record an infusion event.
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Tracking bleeding episodes by type, cause, location and severity 

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Multi-device, multi-platform data synchronization