A Different Kind of Web Application Development Company

Providing the development and support you need to move forward.

A Different Kind of Web Application Development Company

Providing the development and support you need to move forward.

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How Much Is Your Company Losing?

  • Are you losing market share to more advanced competitors?
  • Are you losing valuable time to manual processes?
  • Are you wasting time constantly cross-referencing reports?
  • Is your sales team frustrated by outdated information?


If you answered yes to these questions, you’re in the right place.


Increase customer engagement.


Streamline workflows.

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Boost efficiency and productivity.

Web App Development Service

Find Your Transformation Online 

Succeeding in business in today’s complex world requires constant innovation. Investments in custom web applications can help in a variety of ways: customer service portals, sales and service applications, and workflow automation portals that take full advantage of a business’s unique strengths.

  • Increase customer engagement and retention
  • Reduce the time from lead to cash
  • Reduce errors and increase productivity 

Don’t Hesitate: Innovate

A well-designed web application can help lift you above the competition. Internally, a web app can unite departments, reduce inefficient data sharing and allow for smarter, faster, better decision-making that saves time and money. Public-facing web applications can engage customers and enable them to quickly navigate a complex array of choices.

Deep Knowledge

We are focused on custom application and software development.

Partnership You Can Count On

Our purpose is to help you innovate and exceed your business goals.

Practical Creativity

If a standard solution worked, you wouldn’t need us.

Tap Your Powers to Rise Above

Many mid-market companies sacrifice their unique capabilities to fit an off-the-shelf solution because they think they are saving money. You deserve better – breaking the mold is what separates you from your competition: Why sacrifice that edge? We develop applications that enable you to do what makes you special, efficiently and cost effectively.

Find Out What’s Feasible

  • Let’s determine if your idea will fly.

Enable Effective Sales

  • Arm your salespeople with the most modern tools.

Automate Workflows

  • Don’t let outdated, disparate systems and manual processes hold you back.


Custom Web Application Development in Action

See how the Boone County PVA used a custom web app from Red Hawk to increase revenue, improve key relationships and automate workflows. Read the case study.

What’s Holding Your Company Back?

A web application IS a significant investment. If you don’t approach its development systematically, you could waste good money on a not-so-great idea.

Not choosing a trusted advisor to help you along the way could be a costly mistake.

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The Advance With Confidence Plan

  • 1 Call us with questions.
  • 2 Take advantage of our bundled service approach.
  • 3 Enjoy unprecedented results and ongoing support.