R&D Lab

We foster our team’s innovative spirit by regularly investing in the development and marketing of our own custom applications.

R&D Lab

We foster our team’s innovative spirit by regularly investing in the development and marketing of our own custom applications.

Innovation Unleashed with R&D Lab Projects

This COVID-19 employee symptom screening app created a six-figure ongoing revenue stream during the pandemic.

Fanzooka allows participants with Wi-Fi or cell connectivity to contribute content to one or more displays at events.

The Viewbook Platform offers a personalized experience to universities and prospective students.

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Worried your application development company may not have the skills to guide you to a successful launch?

  • Worried about firms that execute whatever you ask for just to collect their fees?
  • Concerned that your application development firm has no real market knowledge?
  • Worried that their team members may not keep skills fresh?
  • Not sure that your development team has the chops to actually guide you?


If this sounds like you, talk to us about how the development of our own software products benefits our clients every day.

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Reduce worry because we have walked in your shoes.

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Trust our end-to-end software development experiences.

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Feel confident our skills are fresh and constantly growing.

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Been There, Developed That

We understand you want a partner that can guide you. But it may feel like some application development companies just want your project and to move on. At Red Hawk Technologies, we routinely invest in special application development projects to explore emerging technology and continually develop and grow intellectual property. Plus, we launch these products to market and know what it takes to have them grow wings and fly.


Application Development Experience You Can Trust

Our team continuously gains knowledge to leverage for your benefit from developing our own applications in our R&D Lab. You can feel confident that the technology, techniques and source code from our lab projects will find their way into solving challenges for your applications. In essence, the Lab program allows Red Hawk to proactively innovate on behalf of our customers.

Reliable In-Your-Shoes Experience

Trust we are constantly evaluating what it takes to make products fly.

Hard-Won Evaluative Skills

Projects are nominated by internal teams and are subject to a rigorous selection process.

Fully Engaged Team Members

Projects must be fun and fully benefit the mid-market we serve.

Software Development Can Be Unpredictable

Choosing a stale, bloated application development firm can bog down your dreams in a project that burns money. Your time and resources are limited. And who is going to maintain the application after it launches? Working with a team that does not understand the nimble processes needed to quickly launch a competitive advantage can put you behind your competition. 

Not using an application development company that nurtures innovation and product ownership with an internal R&D Labs can clip your wings.


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The Advance With Confidence Plan

  • 1 Call us with questions.
  • 2 Take advantage of our bundled service approach.
  • 3 Enjoy unprecedented results and ongoing support.