AdvancePierre Foods Sales Automation Web App

Streamline Sales with Workflow Automation

APF Sales Automation Web App


Increase sales through workflow automation


Red Hawk produced a web application that allows sales representatives to generate menu items for prospective buyers. The application calculates the prospect’s gross annual profit based on their weekly sales of menu items to drive value. All of the details are captured in a downloadable PDF that is shared with the prospect, making it extremely easy for them to add the product to their menu.

  • Integrated with product database (ERP) and sales system (CRM)
  • Integrated with digital asset management system (DAM) for product photography


Our application creates a seamless sales workflow for AdvancePierre Foods. The ease of use has translated into significant results: 

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20% Increase In Sales

Within the first 90 days

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Revolutionized Sales

Now leading with value rather than product