Software As A Service That Focuses on You

Enterprise-level software as a service for mid-market businesses.

Software As A Service That Focuses on You

Enterprise-level software as a service for mid-market businesses.

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Want to get off the software development roller coaster?

  • Does the custom software and app development process feel out of control? 
  • Are you uncertain about who’s going to support and maintain your app? 
  • Do you worry that a software development company will just serve as a “yes man” and not help you determine the feasibility of your ideas? 
  • Not sure you can cover the big upfront investment of custom software development? 
  • Do you need expert guidance from a team that offers experience and stability?

If this sounds like you, then talk to us about our bundled software development services.

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Feel confident on our proven path.

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Erase worry with stable, fixed pricing.


Eliminate friction and finger-pointing.

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Smooth Out the Turbulence

The custom development process shouldn’t feel rough and tumble. Trust Red Hawk to chart your flight plan. Together we’ll go from ideation to feasibility studies to expert development. Then we stick with you through enhancements, maintenance and support. Unlike other developers that deliver then disappear, we’re your partner all through the journey.  

  • Support throughout the development life cycle
  • Proven technical advice from straight-shooters
  • Built-in financial and operational stability

No Mysteries, Just Clarity

Our process begins with frank conversations – and the promise to put our skills to work for your benefit, not ours. We want mid-market companies to use all the power of technology and achieve their ROI, so we work for a fixed monthly fee. Reducing unknowns in software development helps everyone breathe easier.

Reliable Consultative Partnership

Save yourself time and money with thorough strategizing.

On-demand Performance Reports

Stay in the loop with updated insights from development through maintenance and support.

Financial and Operational Stability

Feel confident that you’ll realize your ROI through our unique bundled services model.

Where will you see the difference?

At Red Hawk, we take the time to categorize the work as we do it, so clients can see where their asset stands at any point in time. If we’re in development, we indicate the percentage complete. If there’s something brewing that could impact the budget, it comes to light. If we know something will need to be adjusted in the application’s future, we document it. Simply put: We truly value transparency and that determines our way of working every day.

How Far Could You Go With the Right Software Development Company?

Some clients work with us to determine if their next big idea is a good one. Sometimes, we decide together that the risks are too great or that the technology just isn’t ready. With other clients, we’ve provided just the right custom software and apps and continue to support them. Learn more about how Red Hawk clients have discovered new revenue streams and increased productivity in our case studies.

Not sure what's around the next corner?

Technology changes and needs evolve. If your developer doesn’t have a plan to keep up, you could be throwing money away, pointing fingers when issues arise and squandering opportunities. 

Not using a development company that values predictability and stability can lead to disaster.

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The Advance With Confidence Plan

  • 1 Call us with questions.
  • 2 Take advantage of our bundled service approach.
  • 3 Enjoy unprecedented results and ongoing support.