Code Evaluation Services

We’re here to ensure optimal performance and security from your software and apps.

Code Evaluation Services

We’re here to ensure optimal performance and security from your software and apps.

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Do You Know the Health of Your Custom Software?

  • Are there gaps in security?
  • Has it stopped working well with other integrations?
  • Are there updates that would improve its functionality or interface?
  • Is it overdue for an audit?


If your software or app is ready for a checkup, let’s talk.

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Faster software for better user experience.   

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Close security holes.      

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Improve integration with other solutions.

Code Evaluation Services

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Technology ages and your custom applications need to be properly maintained to ensure optimal performance and security. Red Hawk leverages decades of software development expertise to assess the health of your custom web and mobile applications so that you can make informed strategic decisions.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Objective reviews and honest advice
  • Easy-to-understand recommendations

Your Application Is an Asset, Not an Expense

Your custom web and mobile applications should create value for years to come. And like other capital investments, it needs occasional maintenance and care. Our ongoing service ensures your software is running smoothly, continues to integrate as your other systems and tools evolve and adapts as your operation expands. Our ongoing support ensures rapid response to any issue. We take pride in responding faster than you can walk to the breakroom and refill your coffee cup.

Reduce Risk 

Eliminate bugs, security holes and poor (or missing) data backup.

Clean Up Inefficient Code 

Over time, changes can make old code run slower and slower.

Actionable Recommendations 

Receive an evaluation of your software and recommended fixes.

What to Expect With an Evaluation

Our team establishes access to your source code and conducts interviews with the primary developers to gather the following information:

  • Technical documentation
  • Third-party APIs in use
  • Development frameworks in use
  • Third-party plugins/modules in use with licensing information
  • Information regarding any code repurposed from prior projects
  • Information regarding known technical debt
  • Information regarding any known bugs
  • Information regarding system architecture and development methodology

Our quality assessments deliver recommendations and thorough reporting on: 

  • Cleanliness of the code
  • Volume of extraneous or unused code
  • Evidence of technical debt that may require refactoring


We Understand Where You’re Coming From  

We stay on top of the game by developing apps of our own. Learn more about Red Hawk’s R&D labs.

Avoid Costly Down and Idle Time

Are you drowning in technical debt? Losing customers or frustrating employees with sluggish apps? If you don’t get to the root of the issue, you’ll stymie your company’s growth.

Not choosing a code evaluation expert could cause undue trouble.

Code Evaluation Process
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The Advance With Confidence Plan

  • 1 Call us with questions.
  • 2 Take advantage of our bundled service approach.
  • 3 Enjoy unprecedented results and ongoing support.