System Architecture and Integration Services

Connect your existing software and work smarter.

System Architecture and Integration Services

Connect your existing software and work smarter.

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Are You Tangled Up in Tech? 

  • Have you been adding software on an “as needed” basis?
  • Was priority given to one department over the others?
  • Is communication between your systems or departments scattered or nonexistent?
  • Do you need more data automation?


Sound familiar? Let’s talk about how systems integration could help.

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Connect and optimize your technology systems. 

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Keep sensitive data secure.       

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Automate sharing of data across channels.

System Architecture Service

Just Getting By Isn’t Enough

Often as companies grow, software is added piecemeal. Priority may be given to one department’s needs while hamstringing others. Separate tools for different departments result in data silos, poor decision-making and duplicate data entry. It may be tempting to scrap the myriad tools for a new ERP system, but if those tools were smart decisions and work well for each department, the best solution may be an integration.

  • Experience and expertise with multiple platforms
  • Understanding of successful information sharing
  • Creativity to adapt to your specific requirements

Extend the Value of Existing Software

Every business has its quirks, but if idiosyncrasies are slowing operations or causing frustration, it’s time to make a change. We have years of experience creating middleware to integrate with existing ERP, CRM and SaaS platforms. Prepare to fly higher with Red Hawk’s unique abilities.

Make Connections

Leverage investment in existing tools.

Save With Low Cost of Ownership 

Extend the usefulness of existing systems.

Simplify to Soar

Reduce duplication and other inefficiencies.

Your Existing Technology, Only Better

Already have a custom software solution and need support? Red Hawk can help. 

Code Evaluation

  • Assess app quality, identify technical debt and develop documentation

Managed Services

  • Receive ongoing maintenance, enhancements and tech support


What’s the Return on Investment?  

Red Hawk has multiple case studies to illustrate the value of systems integration. Here are a few examples of applications that leverage existing data sources and back office applications to ensure low cost of ownership and data integrity.

Are you Happy with the Status Quo?

The increased overhead from inefficient data sharing and disconnected outside sales could be costing you time and money. Duplicated work could be causing entry errors, too.

Not choosing an expert team to integrate your systems is risky.  

System Integration Process Chart
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The Advance With Confidence Plan

  • 1 Call us with questions.
  • 2 Take advantage of our bundled service approach.
  • 3 Enjoy unprecedented results and ongoing support.