Red Hawk Lab: A Look Inside Our Own Custom Business Apps

Software development can be unpredictable. Choosing a stale, bloated application development firm can bog down your dreams in a project that burns money. Your time and resources are limited. And who is going to maintain the application after it launches? What if the firm you hired just executed everything you asked for simply so they could cash in? What if they don’t possess any real market knowledge? 

Working with a team that does not understand the nimble processes needed to quickly launch a competitive advantage can put you behind your competition. You want a partner that can guide you. At Red Hawk Technologies, we routinely invest in special application development projects to explore emerging technology and continually develop and grow intellectual property. Plus, we launch these products to market and know what it takes to have them grow wings and fly. We regularly invest in the development and marketing of our own custom business apps to benefit our clients everyday.

Benefits of Custom Business Apps

At Red Hawk, we foster the innovative spirit of our team, continuously gaining knowledge to leverage for your benefit from developing our own applications in our R&D Lab. You can feel confident that the technology, techniques and source code from our lab projects will find their way into solving challenges for your applications. We want you to be confident that you are committing to a solution that fits you now and in the future by offering:

  • A developed framework that guides stakeholders to define application needs.
  • The prowess to identify technical challenges.
  • Innovative solutions that help you avoid pitfalls.
  • Custom software that’s an asset, not a cost center.

To explore new and emerging technologies, we regularly invest in our own initiatives and pass that expertise on to you. We save you time during development – and time afterwards – because with our expertise in custom software for mobile and web applications, our products “just work.” Our team can develop a custom software product solution that will be an asset for years to come. And like any good asset, your product will grow and scale with you.

Custom Business Apps Developed in Our R&D Labs

Since 2008, Red Hawk Technologies has used technology in novel ways to help clients improve efficiency, lower costs and increase profits. We offer bundled service to develop, enhance and maintain custom software products and web applications, generating significant returns for our mid-market clients while realizing long-term, value-based relationships. Let’s take a look at three of our custom business apps:

1. Fanzooka Fan Engagement Platform

Red Hawk created a mobile-responsive SaaS web application for a client to package as an additional option for sponsors. The premise of the app is simple: Get people’s photos to a screen for others to see as fast as possible. Fanzooka allows participants with Wi-Fi or cell connectivity to contribute content to one or more displays at events through multiple methods. Our client’s goal was to drive fan engagement and thanks to our custom developed software application, they received a significant lift in fan engagement and a wealth of user-generated content.

2. Primetally Symptom Screening App

During the second quarter of 2020, Red Hawk produced PRIMEtally, a product designed to assist businesses with screening employees and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms that:

  • Meets CDC and state requirements.
  • Screens for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Captures temperature reported by screener.
  • Generates reports in the event of an audit.

Not only were we able to generate an alternate revenue stream for Red Hawk during the pandemic, we were able to successfully develop and produce a secure and affordable SaaS solution that reports COVID-19 symptoms in employees and guests in real-time.

3. Ohio State University Viewbook App

Produced by Red Hawk Technologies and developed and deployed for The Ohio State University, this custom business app allows students to select majors, minors and extracurricular activities of interest on mobile and desktop devices. The app also enables sharing, so viewbooks can be sent to friends and family via social channels and/or email. The more personalized experience has boosted student engagement, increased enrollment for the university and provided cost savings with a reduction in the use of print and mail.

Been There, Developed That

At Red Hawk Technologies, we provide application development experience you can trust. With our reliable in-your-shoes experience, hard-won evaluative skills and fully engaged team members, you can feel confident that your business will soar above the competition.

We understand you want to improve productivity, cut costs and squeeze the most out of your special sauce. You need a developer you can rely on for custom software and applications, but you also need predictable costs, products that function and delight and long-term support and enhancement. You can trust Red Hawk Technologies to take you to new heights. Contact us today to begin your digital transformation.

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Matt Strippelhoff

Matt Strippelhoff

During his career, Matt has built an expansive portfolio of work in both traditional and interactive media. He’s designed and led the development of corporate intranets, extranets, e-commerce websites, content management tools, mobile applications and specialized interactive marketing programs for large and small business-to-business and business-to-consumer clientele. In addition to keeping Red Hawk a well-oiled machine, Matt consults with customers’ IT and Marketing executives on how to use technology and data to solve their business challenges, as well as take advantage of business opportunities.

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