Ohio State College Viewbook App

Custom viewbook gets high ranks for student engagement.


Streamline student registration, interactions and sharing


The Personalized Viewbook Platform, produced by Red Hawk Technologies, was first developed and deployed for The Ohio State University (version 1.0). Version 2.0 allows students to select majors, minors and extracurricular activities of interest on mobile and desktop devices. The app also enables sharing so viewbooks can be sent to friends and family via social channels and/or email. Key features of Viewbook are:

  • Personalized content that is generated dynamically.
  • A digital backpack with social sharing features.
  • Data collection and export features.
  • API to support common and advanced integrations (i.e. CRM platforms).
  • Support for ADA-compliant HTML output.
  • Support for Acrobat PDF output.
  • Branded, mobile responsive template.
  • Integrated registration survey.


Version 2.0 of the Viewbook Platform offers a richer, more personalized experience for the university and its prospective students. It is available now to the higher education market as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering. Results we've seen since the launch are:

  • The personalized experience has boosted student engagement.
  • Elevated engagement has resulted in increased enrollment.
  • Valuable consumer insights have been drawn from new data collection.
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