Red Hawk Technologies Becomes a CAST Highlight Certified Partner, Enhancing Software Quality and Security

CAST Highlight Certified Partner

Red Hawk Technologies, a leading mid-market-focused custom software development, support, and maintenance company, achieves the prestigious certification of becoming a CAST Highlight partner. This exciting partnership allows Red Hawk to leverage the advanced capabilities of CAST Highlight for comprehensive software analysis and optimization, resulting in enhanced software quality, improved security, and streamlined operations for their clients.

Watch our webinar to learn more about Red Hawk’s Software Control Tower.

CAST Highlight Red Hawk Software Control Tower Webinar Link

Streamlined Backlog Planning and Execution:

Red Hawk Technologies, renowned for their expertise in serving mid-market businesses, understands the challenges of effectively managing software applications. By utilizing CAST Highlight, Red Hawk can now generate detailed software bill of materials and accurately assess the quality of clients’ source code. These valuable insights facilitate efficient backlog planning and execution, enabling Red Hawk to prioritize tasks and effectively remediate technical debt.

Identifying and Resolving Open Source Vulnerabilities:

In today’s digital landscape, open source vulnerabilities pose significant risks to businesses of all sizes. As a certified partner of CAST Highlight, Red Hawk Technologies is equipped with powerful tools to identify and address these vulnerabilities promptly. Leveraging CAST Highlight’s advanced scanning capabilities, Red Hawk can swiftly detect potential security risks in clients’ codebases, ensuring robust protection against breaches and cyber-attacks.

Enhancing Software Quality:

With CAST Highlight’s insights, Red Hawk Technologies drives substantial improvements in the overall quality of clients’ custom software assets. The platform’s comprehensive analysis capabilities empower Red Hawk to pinpoint areas of the codebase that require attention, proactively addressing issues, optimizing performance, and ensuring stability. This results in enhanced user experiences and increased operational efficiency for clients.

The Value of Partnership:

The Red Hawk Technologies and CAST Highlight partnership reinforces Red Hawk’s commitment to delivering exceptional software solutions and services. By leveraging advanced technology and best practices, Red Hawk stays at the forefront of the industry. As a certified partner, Red Hawk provides actionable insights and facilitates meaningful change, enabling clients to optimize their software assets and gain a competitive edge.


Red Hawk Technologies’ partnership with CAST Highlight marks a significant milestone in their pursuit of excellence in software development, support, and maintenance. By harnessing CAST Highlight’s advanced analysis and optimization capabilities, Red Hawk empowers clients with superior software quality, enhanced security, and increased efficiency. This collaboration solidifies Red Hawk’s position as a trusted partner for mid-market organizations seeking to unlock the full potential of their custom software assets. Contact Red Hawk Technologies today to explore how their CAST Highlight partnership can benefit your business.

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Matt Strippelhoff

Matt Strippelhoff

During his career, Matt has built an expansive portfolio of work in both traditional and interactive media. He’s designed and led the development of corporate intranets, extranets, e-commerce websites, content management tools, mobile applications and specialized interactive marketing programs for large and small business-to-business and business-to-consumer clientele. In addition to keeping Red Hawk a well-oiled machine, Matt consults with customers’ IT and Marketing executives on how to use technology and data to solve their business challenges, as well as take advantage of business opportunities.

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