How To: Getting Leadership Buy-in on IT Initiatives

You’ve got a solid pitch and you’re ready to present to leadership for a buy-in on IT initiatives. You know how to resonate with your audience and really give them that wow factor. You know what you’re recommending , why you’re recommending it and the tech aligns with the strategic priorities and IT initiatives of the organization. There’s no way leadership is going to turn down your request to purchase new tech. So then, why did they do exactly that?

Business leaders can often feel caught in a whirlwind of technology. Chasing after change is frustrating and can negatively affect the growth and profitability of any organization. No matter how good your sales pitch, a smart business leader will look to protect their bottom line. It’s up to you to prove how their buy-in on IT initiatives like new or upgraded technology, will ultimately result in a return on their investment with limited downtime.

Think Assets, Not Projects

Imagine new ways to thrive. Technology directors often see pressing issues to solve or opportunities that custom software could open up for their organization. The tricky part is convincing the C-suite that such projects are valuable. So how do you get buy-in on IT initiatives? It could help if you start by asking the right questions:

  • What alternative IT initiatives were considered and why weren’t they chosen?
  • How confident are you with these tech costs and the timeline?
  • How are you calculating the business benefits being laid out?
  • What’s the worst that could happen if the organization does nothing?

At Red Hawk Technologies, we’ve discovered that it helps to reframe initiatives by not thinking of them as projects, but as assets that maintain value and grow with the organization. If you’re a supplier of goods and services, your number one goal would be for customers to choose what you’re selling over the competition. Let’s assume for a moment that you are a product supplier of the restaurant industry. A custom web application that automates the sales process would enable you to show restaurant owners the exact costs of the food they are ordering; right down to the unit price. How does this benefit the company and generate long-term ROI?

By demonstrating a way to streamline your sales flow as a supplier, you have successfully used a real life example to show the value in automating your technology. As a direct result, you can now close more deals due to simplifying the selection and purchasing process for your customers. This approach to getting leadership buy-in on IT initiatives recognizes the value of custom software as an asset to nurture; not just a one-and-done project. The right custom software can evolve with use and continue to “earn its keep” and that’s what every business leader is looking to obtain: evolution.

Don’t Do IT All Alone

As an IT director, if your to-do list is miles long and you spend too much of your time fighting daily fires, it makes sense for you to be hesitant about facing leadership for that buy-in on IT initiatives. Maybe your C-suite doesn’t have knowledge of current technology, making it nearly impossible for anyone to keep up, let alone busy executives who are focused on growth goals and other pressing concerns. In any case, it may be time to look outside of the organization and seek the aid of software developers or IT professionals. 

An outsourced firm like Red Hawk Technologies can help companies get “unstuck.” We think of ourselves as thought leaders: We build strategic plans while arming clients with as much information as they need to be successful. No matter if it’s lack of knowledge, missed deadlines or out of control costs, enlisting the aid of a technology consultant can help you demonstrate how custom software generates value and helps the organization evolve. Remember, it’s best to think of IT initiatives as assets rather than projects.

Invest in the Future of Your Business

Proper assessment of your current IT situation and addressing any shortcomings, improves the possibility of moving your organization forward. This is what appeals to business leaders and allows you to get buy-in on IT initiatives. Sometimes, all it takes is a little help from the professionals to get the ball rolling. At Red Hawk Technologies, we help clients advance with confidence, knowing they are partnered with experts who have deep experience with custom development and the business savvy to understand and promote an organization’s best interests.

Want to know where your business is headed? Contact us today to start the conversation about your IT initiatives. Soar into digital transformation with Red Hawk.

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Rylan Peters

Rylan Peters

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our COO Rylan Peters is an integral part of the leadership team at Red Hawk. Rylan has consistently built operating platforms poised for growth and driven client delight. At Red Hawk, Rylan keeps us on the right track with financial projections, budgets, cash strategy, HR, onboarding process, sales structure/process, recruiting, day-to-day operations, organizational structure, and policy creation. His favorite part about his job is helping Red Hawk achieve growth and create amazing culture. Rylan says if there was one thing he wished more people knew about the IT and software development industry, it would be “outsourcing development, maintenance, and support with the right partner can generate revenue-driving tech assets at a cost cheaper than most businesses can manage internally.” Outside of work, Rylan spends time watching his three kids play sports with his wife, Sherry. He loves a good round of golf and the Cincinnati Bengals. He has bachelor’s degrees in both engineering physics and chemistry from Miami University and an MBA from Xavier University.

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