Attention Mid-Market Companies with Android Apps: Google’s New Account Deletion Policy is Coming – Here’s What You Need to Know

Google has announced a new policy that will affect Android apps that offer account creation. Starting sometime early next year, apps with account creation must provide users with an easy way to delete their account as well. This is in line with Apple’s similar policy implemented in June 2022 for apps on the App Store. Mid-market companies with Android apps need to take note of this new policy and make the necessary changes to ensure compliance.

According to Google, developers must answer questions regarding their app’s data deletion in the Data Safety form by December 7. The responses in the form will be reflected in Google Play’s Data Safety section, which provides users with information about an app’s data collection practices in the form of labels. Google has also mentioned that the Data Safety section on the Play Store will be tweaked to better reflect the data controls available to users.

To comply with the new policy, apps must provide an option to initiate account and data deletion from within the app and online, and the feature should be easily discoverable. Additionally, developers must delete user data from their servers on account deletion. If a developer needs to keep user data for specific reasons, they must specify that in the app.

Google has provided an extended grace period until May 31, 2024, for developers who might need some time to implement these changes. However, they will need to explicitly apply for it through the Google Play console.

Mid-market companies with Android apps need to take this new policy seriously and ensure that their apps comply with the new requirements. The consequences of non-compliance could result in the removal of their app from the Google Play store. Furthermore, compliance with this new policy will demonstrate the company’s commitment to data privacy and security, which can boost consumer confidence and trust in their brand.

In conclusion, mid-market companies with Android apps must take note of Google’s new policy and take the necessary steps to ensure compliance. This policy reinforces the importance of data privacy and security, and companies that comply with it can reap the benefits of increased consumer trust and confidence in their brand.

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Matt Strippelhoff

Matt Strippelhoff

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