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Red Hawk Technologies Offers a Text Messaging Service to Assist Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Monday, March 23, 2020

SMS Text Messagaing  SaaSRed Hawk has been looking for ways to help the nonprofit and small business community through the pandemic when they received a call from the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission (NKCAC). "We needed a way to reach all of our staff at a moment's notice and felt that text messaging would be the best option. Red Hawk helped us in the past with another application and we knew they would be able to help us now," said Rhonda Chisenhall, Vice President Community Development at the NKCAC.

Red Hawk had developed a similar application, created by co-founder Ron Dunlevy, for the purpose of managing communications between coaches and parents of the soccer teams he manages on the side. "We realized we could deliver an extremely impactful solution in a few days by leveraging our team’s intricate code. It was just a matter of modifying it to meet the needs of NKCAC and making it affordable for nonprofits and small businesses," said Matt Strippelhoff, Partner at Red Hawk Technologies.

Red Hawk is seeking other nonprofits and small businesses that could benefit from the text messaging service and will offer discounts based on financial need during the pandemic. Click here for more information.

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