6 Questions to Ask When Comparing Top App Development Companies

To make an effective app with an attractive user interface, you need to hire a competent, capable, reliable and skilled app development company. But how do you know that’s what you’re getting in the company you choose to hire? There are so many app development companies on the market claiming to offer the exact results you need to achieve your goals. How can you tell the difference between the companies that will genuinely deliver and those that just want to take your money? 

Many mid-market businesses need to be able to rely on developers for custom software and applications. There is also a need for predictable costs, products that function and delight, long-term support and enhancement. The right app development company will provide all this and more to take your company to new heights.

Finding the Right App Development Company

When it comes to finding the right app developer, there’s no such thing as asking too many questions. Even when you come to a point where it may seem like you have already asked enough questions, you’ll do no harm by asking more. It’s called due diligence and it always pays off. The answers will reveal themselves if the company is sincerely interested in working with you. Let them go the extra mile to please you.

Here are some questions that may help you find the answers you seek and the app developer you need.

6 Questions to Ask Your Next Developer

1. How Many Apps Have You Developed Since You’ve Been in Business?

The best representation of experience is the number of a company’s successfully completed projects. The proof is in the portfolio. In reviewing a company’s portfolio, you can trace what kind of apps they make, along with how much app complexity they can handle and you get a general idea of their client/partner terms and conditions. Be careful not to let an app development company number dump: “We have developed over 101, 210, 300+ apps!” What nobody says is half these apps are nothing but an icon (outdated and taken down from app stores), while another chunk never made it into the store (remained a proof of concept).

You are looking for more than just icons in a portfolio, but quality apps that are still in use today. Be wary of any companies that cannot provide this.

2. What Is Your Process for Developing an App?

Knowing about the codes and ethics of a company can better help you in your decision to hire them. This understanding gives you a sense of what to expect in critical times ahead. Be blunt and ask them how they plan to handle any unexpected problems that could arise during the app development phase and inquire about their backup plan. Getting an idea about how a particular app development company functions gives you relief in knowing you are hiring the right team of software developers that can deal with any challenge.

Research indicates that it is also important to know if the company you’re hiring follows an agile or waterfall methodology in their approach to software development. When comparing top app development companies, the methodology they use is definitely a factor in whether or not the company is a good fit for your business.

3. What Is the Size of Your Development Team?

As app development gets underway, having enough developers for any sudden scope changes will become crucial. A strong development team is the key to success for web and mobile applications. Apps are unique and individual pieces of software. There are simple apps and complex apps based on the app developers’ intended use and the target audience that the app is geared toward. At times, building just a single mobile app is a process best suited for five or six developers to ensure an accurate and user-friendly application. At the very least, having a mobile and back-end developer is crucial for an app’s main operational capabilities, while a designer and QA specialist are needed to provide a well-functioning product.

Despite many platforms that try to persuade app developers that one person can successfully build an app, this is simply not true. It takes a team of people to ensure that your app is not going to be a drop of water inside a bucket of competing apps on the market.

4. What Is Your Process for Communication?

Accessibility is key. Communication before, during and after development is critical throughout the various stages of development. Asking about their preferred method of communication (email, phone, 1:1) upfront will help eliminate gaps down the line. A company that cares about the goals you wish to accomplish will consult you at every milestone and not leave you in the dark.

5. How Much Will This Cost?

Notice that this was not the first question being asked. Choosing an app development company should not be based primarily on cost, but on value. Will the software being developed bring value to your business and to your customers? Can you see yourself working with this company long-term or short-term? If the app development company you choose aligns with your goals and promises a return on your investment, cost should not be your only determining factor.

What’s most important is that the company you choose is straightforward with their pricing procedure and that you are only being charged what is necessary and fair to the development of your app.

6. What Will Be the Estimated Project Timeline?

When hiring the app development company for your project, do not forget to ask about the estimated project timeline. See if the company is willing to work on your project right away or at a later date. This will also shed some insight into how much it will cost to hire a particular app development company because the timeline helps in establishing the total cost of the project.

It is important to understand that professionals are generally occupied with multiple projects at a time. Beginning immediate work on a project may not always be possible. In such a situation, try to gain knowledge of how many projects they are currently working on so that it will become clear to you whether or not they actually have the capacity to take you on as a client.

Because the App Development Needs of Your Business Matter

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Matt Strippelhoff

Matt Strippelhoff

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