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Working with a systems integration consultant from Red Hawk

Benefits of Working with a Systems Integration Consultant

With technology and digital transformation being so vital to business operations today, having a system integrations consultant to help you automate and synchronize your systems is necessary to grow and stay competitive. With your entire business infrastructure connected, you can rest easier knowing that communication between your systems or departments...
Outsourcing Software Development from Red Hawk

Outsourcing Software Development? Get Off the Roller Coaster

Any major change or overhaul to the way you run your business can be disruptive, potentially resulting in many ups and downs. And let’s face it; the “downs” are just as likely as the “ups,” due to all the risk involved with trying something new. Outsourcing software development is one...
New Custom Software Development Website from Red Hawk

Red Hawk Launches New Custom Software Development Website

WILDER, Kentucky, June 15, 2022 – To spread the word about their unique bundled development services for mid-market companies, Red Hawk Technologies recently launched a new, streamlined website.  “We want to help mid-market companies find new ways to thrive,” said Matt Strippelhoff, CEO of Red Hawk Technologies. “The site explains...