Mobile App Configurator

Native, Hybrid or HTML5 Web App — Which is the best fit for your mobile application project?
Use this simple configurator to identify the best approach for the development of your next mobile application. Download the results to share with your stakeholders. A white paper, detailing technical limitations, and the pros and cons of each approach will be included. Please let us know if you found this tool useful.

Web App


Will your app depend on an application market for distribution?
App Store, GooglePlay, Microsoft Store

Will your app require a high, medium or low amount of device CPU processing power?

How frequently will your app require changes and modifications?

Will your app require access to any of the following items on the device?
Network-type & speed, Near-field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth, Proximity Sensors, Ambient Light

Will your app attempt to keep the phone “awake” when running?

Will your app require access to the user’s contacts on the device?

What operating systems will your app support?

Is your budget for development high, medium or low?

Is your budget for maintenance high, medium or low?