Mobile Application Development

The mobile applications we produce often involve sophisticated integrations with multiple data sources, third-party SaaS products and/or customers’ CRM and ERP systems. Our customers have embraced mobile apps for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer uses. Chances are, your company has a process or product that could be improved or enhanced by developing an app.

Here’s a small sampling of what our app development customers have worked with Red Hawk to accomplish:

    • Enhance their sale process — including calculators comparing prices to competitors, access to parts catalogs, ability to place orders
    • Allow users to monitor and communicate personal health data and information
    • Allow field equipment to communicate data directly to a home office
    • Add feature additions to a mature product to open new streams of revenue, without re-engineering the product

Please review a few of our case studies to learn more about our mobile application development experience.

Native, Hybrid or HTML5 Web App — Which is the best fit for your mobile application project? If you're in the early stages of planning a mobile application project for your business, our mobile app configurator will prove to be a valuable tool in helping you determine the best approach based on your specific business needs. You can download the results to share with your stakeholders. A white paper, detailing technical limitations, and the pros and cons of each approach will be included with your download.