Code Evaluation Services

Do you know the health of your custom web or mobile application? Have you been accumulating unknown technical debt? Technology ages and your custom applications need to be properly maintained to ensure optimal performance and security. Red Hawk’s code evaluation service is a great place to start. We’ll leverage decades of development expertise to assess the health of your custom application so that you can make informed strategic decisions.

Services Include

  • Q&A with the primary developer(s) to gather the following information
    • Technical documentation
    • Third party API’s in-use
    • Development frameworks in-use
    • Third party plugins/modules in-use with licensing information
    • Information regarding any code repurposed from prior projects
    • Information regarding known technical debt
    • Information regarding any known bugs 
    • Information regarding system architecture and development methodology
      • Hosting infrastructure
      • Disaster recover
      • Security framework
      • Source control and branching methods
      • Integration layers
  • Quality assessment
    • Cleanliness of the code
    • Volume of extraneous/unused code
    • Evidence of technical debt that may require refactoring
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Testimonial: Red Hawk’s code evaluation services helped us identify opportunities to improve our custom software and our disaster recovery plan. Fortunately, our application was in good form and the technical debt they identified could be addressed in a future release. I’d recommend their services to any organization that has invested in a custom web or mobile application, especially if they’re experiencing problems and are unsure where to turn for help.

Scot Hall, EVP of Operations