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Web Application for Managing Job Listings

The job listings management application was developed with the small recruiting firm top-of-mind. The application allows multiple recruiters to manage job requisitions. All that is required is a standard web browser.

Recruiters log on and complete a form to post a new job. Recruiters also manage categories for the job listings. Visitors to the website can submit resumes through the application. The recruiting firm has the option to determine if a candidate's submission is directed to a company email address, or directly to the recruiter responsible for the listing. The application has been deployed on multiple websites.

Key Features

  • Easily manage job listings
  • Easily manage categories
  • RSS feed containing all jobs
  • RSS feed containing listings by category
  • WYSIWYG editor to manage job descriptions
  • SQL database to store and serve job listings
  • Form to collect resume submissions
  • HTML email automation, passing candidate information to the appropriate party
  • Admin access to manage recruiter accounts

Technology Behind the Scenes

  • .NET Programming
  • SQL Database

Please contact us for a demonstration of the application and to learn how easily we can integrate the application for use on your website.

Web Application for Managing Job Listings