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Prestone Command® iPad Application

In partnership with Cincinnati-based advertising agency DeanHouston, Red Hawk developed an iPad application to provide sales representatives for Prestone’s Command® heavy-duty antifreeze/coolant brand a useful tool for selling against traditional green antifreeze products.

The application, which launched in early 2014, features a complex savings calculation tool that allows reps to estimate customer savings on-the-spot during sales calls with fleet managers, and email the results for future reference.

Reps can toggle between metric and standard volume measurements, depending on whether the customer operates in Canada or the United States.

The app not only allows reps to show potential savings for customers who choose the Command® brand over green antifreeze, but also allows comparison between two different variations of the Command® product to determine the best fit for the customer’s needs.

Red Hawk built the application using a responsive design (UI design was done by DeanHouston) that works on both vertical and horizontal orientations of the iPad. Red Hawk utilized PhoneGap after the initial build to allow the app to be deployed for iOS use, and for potential use with other operating systems in the future. In addition, Red Hawk completed the build using Xcode for its submission to the iOS app store.

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