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Interactive Color Chart for The Shepherd Color Company

The development team at Red Hawk began experimenting with babylon.js, a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML5 and WebGL, as part of a Labs project. Red Hawk repurposed a point of integration previously programmed for the Shepherd Color Company to dynamically render products from their ERP system in a three dimensional space. Following a successful prototype, Red Hawk presented the concept to Shepherd Color. During the presentation, Red Hawk was immediately asked to produce the feature-rich solution that is available on the website today.

The Value it Provides

This unique tool allows OEMs to quickly locate pigments that meet their specific color, application and regulatory requirements. The 3D Color Chart also allows OEMs to see where a product falls on a vertical axis representing the product’s “L Value” (lightness). This information is of great importance to the OEM. Prior to the 3D Color Chart, the L Value could only be conveyed with a numeric value. The three-dimensional representation is far more useful to the OEM.

The 3D Color Chart has provided a significant sales advantage to Shepherd Color. There’s nothing like it in the competitive landscape. Not only can the OEMs quickly locate product that meets their specific needs using the color chart, they can also request samples. The sample request feature is integrated with Dynamics CRM, and triggers a sample request workflow also programmed by Red Hawk.

Technology Behind the Scenes Babylon.js

  • Custom .NET Web Applications
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • JQuery UI Programming
  • Microsoft CRM Integration
  • Web Services

More About Red Hawk LABs

Red Hawk routinely invests in special projects to explore promising new and emerging technology. Labs projects are carefully selected and must meet specific criteria. A Labs project has to be fun and it has to hold some promise of potential benefit for the customers and markets we serve. Some of our most innovative client solutions originated from a Labs project.

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