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Flexible Content Management System (CMS)

As expert website design and application programmers, we've created dozens of custom content management systems to meet specific client requirements. We've leveraged all of the knowledge we've gained over the years and coupled that experience with recent advances in web technology to produce a new and easy-to-use CMS application.

Our CMS application has all of the features you'd expect from any professional CMS application.

  • Ability to easily add, edit, and delete pages
  • WYSIWYG editor to manage copy, images, and rich media content
  • HTML editor for power users
  • Version history
  • Drafts

Our CMS application is unique in many ways.

  • It does NOT require that we host the website.
  • It does NOT require installation on the host server.
  • It is a software-as-service offering. We host and maintain the CMS application, rolling out free upgrades to all licensed users.
  • Our CMS works with all standard page types (asp, aspx, html, htm, jsp, and php)
  • Our CMS provides a drag and drop module to easily manage navigation.
  • Webmasters can protect sensitive code on their website when integrating our CMS system, limiting exposure to editable regions.
  • Integration couldn't be easier – 4 lines of code plus open and closing tags around editable regions.

We have integrated our CMS application on several websites to-date. The CMS application is a software-as-service offerring. Users benefit from rolling upgrades. The CMS application is extremely affordable. Contact us today for a demonstration of the Red Hawk CMS application.

Flexible Content Management System