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Boone County PVA Web Application — Subscription Management, Ecommerce, Property Search and Administration

The office of the Boone County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) is responsible for appraisal of all commercial and personal real estate in the northern Kentucky county. The office tracks ownership changes, maintains maps, updates building characteristics, and administers exemptions. Their work results in a large amount of data being collected and managed on an ongoing basis.

The office also must make the information accessible to the public. Red Hawk worked with the PVA to define and build new front- and back-end applications to improve user experience for the public and also efficiency for PVA employees.

Mobile-Responsive Website

Many of the frequent users of the website’s property search are real estate agents, inspectors, and others who aren’t always at their desks. To better serve this audience, Red Hawk designed and built a new website in mobile responsive format, supporting all property search and subscription features on computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Property Search Application with E-Commerce

Two levels of property search are available to users: free, with basic data; and by subscription, with full property data and images, and more detailed search options. To handle subscription payments, Red Hawk integrated with online payment platform Stripe, and built a subscription management component that allows users to manage their accounts via the website. Stripe was configured to automate renewal payments and generate a full complement of email communications relating to account status, thus cutting down on the PVA’s time to support its subscribers.

Property Data and Image Updates

PVA inspectors are almost always in the field updating property data, so it is important for the office to be able to quickly publish new data to the website almost daily. Red Hawk put control of updates in the hands of the PVA by developing an FTP-based system with a simple user interface. It lets the PVA update property information with just a few clicks whenever needed. Prior to this, it could take days or weeks for a third-party to update the data.

Content Management System

The PVA also has a significant amount of general information to share with the public on its website. Red Hawk’s proprietary content management system lets the PVA keep this information up-to-date without the assistance or expense of a third party.

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