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A fan engagement platform, displaying user-generated content in seconds.

The premise of the app is simple: get people’s photos to a screen for others to see as fast as possible.

Fanzooka allows participants with wifi and/or cell connectivity to contribute content to one or more displays at events through multiple methods:

  • An event-specific web page that allows participants to post a photo from their phone
  • Instagram or Twitter posts with event-specific hashtags
  • Send pictures via text (SMS/MMS)

Displays at the event are connected to Fanzooka through wifi. The displays show user-generated content through branded templates. Client marketing teams are creating unique templates to promote event sponsors and drive engagement.

Visit the official Fanzooka website to learn more!

Check out a few of Fanzooka's clients.

The Cincinnati Bengals
Bengals Fanzooka Template

FC Cincinnati
FC Cincinnati Fanzooka Template

AGAR: UBAHN Festival
UBAHN Fanzooka Template