Agile Software Development

Application of Agile • Foundational Values • Guiding Principles

The Agile Approach to Software Development

Hybrid SDLCRed Hawk follows the Agile software development methodology, customized to work most effectively for our clients and projects, through Our Application of Agile. After all, one of the hallmarks of Agile is its flexibility.

The creation of Agile was a response in the 1990s to the traditional “Waterfall” development approach, which follows a structure where requirements are tirelessly gathered and documented, detailed designs produced, then, finally, software is developed, tested and released. Meanwhile, business needs are often changing, and by the time the software is completed, it no longer addresses the business’ needs and is too difficult and expensive to modify.

The Agile approach aims to deliver high-quality software to customers as quickly as possible. Agile allows room for adjustment during development as business needs change and emphasizes close and frequent collaboration with the customer throughout development.