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A fan engagement platform, displaying user-generated content in seconds.

The premise of the app is simple: get people’s photos to a screen for others to see as fast as possible.

Fanzooka allows participants with wifi and/or cell connectivity to contribute content to one or more displays at events through multiple methods:

  • An event-specific web page that allows participants to post a photo from their phone
  • Instagram or Twitter posts with event-specific hashtags
  • Send pictures via text (SMS/MMS)

Displays at the event are connected to Fanzooka through wifi. The displays show user-generated content through branded templates. Client marketing teams are creating unique templates to promote event sponsors and drive engagement.

Fanzooka Features

Event Setup
You can set up an event in a matter of minutes. You can use the default template for your screens or provide your own fully branded event templates. You can set up multiple events for the same venue, each with its own template and photo stream!

Moderate Events
Each event has a moderation panel that can support multiple users at the same time. With a single click, moderators can approve or decline photos. Approved photos are displayed in near real time upon approval. Moderators can also pull in content from Twitter and Instagram with a single click.

Post Event
When the event is over, extend your marketing efforts by exporting photos. There’s also a feature that lets you generate code your web designer can use to add a gallery to your website.

Early Adopters

The Cincinnati Bengals
Bengals Fanzooka Template

FC Cincinnati
FC Cincinnati Fanzooka Template

AGAR: UBAHN Festival
UBAHN Fanzooka Template